Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rich Asshole Plagiarizes Poor Asshole

Rich asshole Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit television shows “Family Guy,” “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show”, has been accused of plagiarizing from other shows such as “The Simpsons.” Now, he’s being accused of plagiarizing a person.

Robert Enders, a poor asshole from Fort Wayne, Indiana, resembles MacFarlane to the extent that he is filing a lawsuit against MacFarlane for Doppelganger Infringement.
“I can’t fucking believe him,” exploded Enders, 30. “He’s a rich fuck and can’t even have an original looking face. He has to look like me!”

MacFarlane, 35, has taken hits in the press for not having an original concept with his breakout hit, “Family Guy.” Cancelled twice, it finally went back on the air after DVD sales skyrocketed and reruns of the show on Cartoon Network generated a healthy fan base.

“I don’t give fuck about Enders,” said MacFarlane, from his home in California.

“Well, fuck him,” said Enders, in response.

“No, fuck YOU, Robert!”

“NO, FUCK YOU, Seth!”

After several more minutes of tough-guy brags and taunts, MacFarlane and Enders got into a fight, which worsened when an obese man and a giant chicken entered into the fracas.


  1. Gloria:

    Now if that isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle...uh, what color was that again???

    Now, if Bob can only do the VOICES...we can enact "Plan-B", and oust MacFarlane.
    (and no one will be the wiser)

    Funny stuff...!
    Why waste a good FRACAS, right?


  2. The color is BLACK!

    Robert does a voice that sounds like it belongs to a creepy guy you don't want to have around your kids. I want to do some skits with him featuring that character.

    I'm glad you like our efforts. I had a lot of fun with this posting.