Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horrible Sounding Buffet Puts Restaurant Out of Business

A Pizza King located in Columbia City is going out of business due to the horrible sounding food offerings advertised on its sign.
A "Lungh Puffet" was dreamed up by the owner, only to have locals reject it outright. The massive failure of the promotion was enough, in this bad economy, to put the restaurant out of business.
"Don't people realize I was advertising a "lunch buffet"? says stunned owner Harry Throckmorton. I ran out of Cs and Bs, which is why I substituted the G and the P."
Apparently Throckmorton, who graduated from the Harvard School of Business, underestimated the educational level of this northeast Indiana town, where the inhabitants think "bad grammar" is an older female relative with a prison record.

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