Saturday, November 7, 2009

Texas Massacre Indicates Economy Improving

Despite the nation being horrified by the shooting at Fort Hood, one economic anaylist says the massacre is a sign things are looking up.

Dave Pelway, an economist with the conservative think tank Everything's Fine; We're In Charge, says "the shooting was actually a good thing. People tend to worry more about themselves and their families in trying economics times. The fact that this man turned a gun on a military base is a turn in the right direction."

Pelway went on to explain that during good times, people tend to get bored and shoot other people for no reason. Since the economic meltdown, things have been pretty quiet on the mass murder scene. The shootings in Texas and Florida are a good sign the economy is on the upswing and instead of worrying about being jobless, people will also have to worry about being shot on the jobs they no doubt will be hired for soon.

Pelway also thought the demand for ammunition may also go up, as well as purchases for Kevlar vests.

"There's another way to look at it too," says Pelway. "The more people killed in shootings, the more job openings there will be. So it's all good."

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