Thursday, January 28, 2010

Local Church Reaches Out to Negroes; Other Non-whites

A Fort Wayne, Indiana church is seeking to help those unfortunate individuals who weren’t born white.
“God can help,” says Pastor Rich Reynolds, of the Wallen Road Church of Christ. “He can make you white as snow.”
The church is offering a 10-week program in “Whiteness,” where participants will lose all sense of rhythm, avoid the south side of Fort Wayne, forbid their children to listen to rap, refuse to eat fried chicken and develop an appreciation for BMWs and clothing from L.L. Bean.


  1. Gloria:
    ...And that would be a "bad thing" for most all my neighbors...HOW, exactly?
    (they could use all the help they can get...just to act like a normal person)


  2. Glad you liked the picture; I thought the thing was either unintentionally hilarious, or else totally racist without meaning to be. I saw this while delivering something for work and came back and snapped a picture later. I couldn't resist using it for the site.