Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Local Apartment Complex Offers Great Deal

Willows of Coventry is offering a “fire sale” on rents for new tenants who move in within a month.
The beleaguered apartment complex is trying to bounce back from three fires in four months. The “fire sale” is an attempt to capitalize on recent events, even though the most recent fire killed three women.
One bedroom apartment renters will receive a $100 discount per month for each month the apartment complex is fire-free, up to a year. Two bedroom apartment renters get a $150 per month discount.
“This is one hot deal!” said a Willows of Coventry employee, who chose to remain anonymous.


  1. that "3 season porch" look, too!



  2. Bob,

    "It's called an "extended sunroom"!

    Hurry, a deal like this can't last! :)