Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stupidly Worded Sign Irks Adjuct Instructor

Fort Wayne, IN--Gloria Diaz is appalled at a sign advertising tattoos that are “temporary” yet last forever.
“What the fuck is that?” Says Diaz. “How can tattoos be temporary, yet last forever? I was so upset at the sign, I didn’t go and bother to ask, like it said.”
Diaz teaches basic writing, and feels this sign is an indication of the end of basic communication. Or worse.
“This is ‘doublespeak’ just like in ‘1984.’ That was a book by George Orwell, which probably the vast majority of the readers of this blog aren’t familiar with. Morons.”
When asked how she felt about text messaging, Diaz’s face turned red, she started sputtering indignantly and collapsed from what was an apparent heart attack. She is recovering in a Fort Wayne hospital.


  1. gotta love signs like this...
    also I had to read 1984 senior year in highschool..probably the CREEPEST book i've ever read..EVER.-Alie :]

  2. I can usually read stuff and not flinch, but the scene where they take Winston to room 101 really did a number on my head. That really disturbed me! I read it the first time in 1984, because I wasn't in an English class where it was taught. Might have been banned or something. But I was curious and read it on my own. Glad I did!